The Land: Melbourne Recital Centre

Our Client: Major Projects Victoria; The Issue: Authorisation of projections into airspace above roads

The Land: Murray River frontage at Mildura

Our Client: Places Victoria; The Issue: Assembly of land parcels for redevelopment

The Land: Coasts, Lakes and Rivers across Victoria

Our Client: Department of Transport, Planning & Local Infrastructure; The Issue: Governance of recreational boating facilities

The Land: Lake Boga

Our Client: Goulburn-Murray Water; The issue: Strategy for managing 140 illegal encroachments

The Land: Anywhere that people congregate

Our Client: Victorian Environmental Assessment Council; The Issue: What makes Melbourne ‘liveable’?

The Land: Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Our Client: Lend Lease on behalf of Myers Pty Ltd; The Issue: Acquisition of rights to airspace for pedestrian bridge

Consultancy Services


Our Consultancy Services

  • Resolution of public land governance issues
  • Risk analyses and risk minimisation strategies for public land managers
  • Analysis and interpretation of land status information
  • Development of policy and strategy regarding Public Land
  • Relationships management on Public Land
  • Design and management of change processes for Public Land
  • Professional development and staff training relating to Public Land

Retainer-based Advice

Through our Retainer-based Consultancy Service we can assist you with…

  • A ten minute phone discussion
  • A brief exchange of emails
  • More formal written opinion
  • On-going mentoring and coaching
  • Our ‘Q&A’ article in Terra Publica


Risk Management

  • Expert evidence in accordance with Supreme Court Rules
  • Risk Assessments and Evaluations
  • Risk Alleviation Strategies in accordance with  ISO 31000:2009
  • Insurance Cover Reviews